Curescendo (Softsonics) is developing a soft, flexible patch that can be worn on the skin over the carotid artery or jugular vein, and which uses pulses of ultrasound to measure blood pressure.

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Funded in July 2016 and led by Sheng Xu and Robert Owens

Work was published in the Aug. 13, 2018 issue of Nature Electronics and featured on the cover

Dr. Sheng Xu, the engineering PI of this grant, was named among MIT Technology Review’s 35 Innovators Under 35 list in 2018 for his work in this area

This startup was one of the 12 Finalists in the Spinoff Prize 2020 sponsored by Nature

Published two Nature and one Nature BME papers, accessed together 70,000 times with 100+ citations

Recipients of the $75,000 Sloan Research Fellowship in recognition of their unique potential to make substantial contributions to their field

Progressed to testing devices on patients, in development of result manuscripts

Subsequent funding


from the Welcome Trust


from NIH


from the U54-supported UC BRAID Center for Accelerated Innovation


from 3M Company

This is one of many successful projects with GEM UCSD.

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